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    bhive is a marketplace that connects elite talent (MBAs, PhDs, Senior Executives) with businesses in Latin America for short-term projects. It is a flexible and affordable way for companies to hire external help, providing businesses with insights on day-to-day issues such as finance, corporate governance, strategy, operations and much more. Providing companies such flexible access to top talent is the ultimate goal of our company, helping businesses to compete in other markets, increase profitability and enhance corporate governance.

    Market research & Analysis

    Our consultants are able to perform market research and analysis to your high standards, delivering the relevant and precise information that you need to validate your decisions.

    Business Plan

    A Business plan is an essential part of any company. We can advise you on your business or idea and develop the plan that best suits your product and market.

    Marketing Plan

    If you are planning to launch a new product or a new marketing campaign, our consultants can provide you with a marketing plan as specific as a digital or a social media plan, or as wide as a comprehensive marketing plan.

    Financial Projection & Analysis

    In order to allow you to determine your capital needs, as well as the optimum asset allocation efficiencies for the upcoming years, our consultants will generate and analize the financial projections specifically for your company. At the end your ‪business‬ will save time and ‪money.

    Competitive Analysis

    We can help you profile your key competitors and analyze your point of differences and competitive advantage over them.

    Presentation Development

    Our consultants are experts in developing great storylines for all kind of presentations, from a presentation made to the board of your company to one made to a fundraising company.

    Marketing Collateral

    You won’t have to worry about designing the marketing materials or producing the content for your next campaign. We have experts within the area to help you nail the market.

    Performance metrics & Benchmarks

    We can help you not only to track how your teams evolve in the Key Performance Metrics or be aware of where you stand versus your peers in those KPIs most relevant for your industry. But to plan how to improve in a sustainable way.

    New Market Entry Plan

    Entering a new market is always challenging. Let us help you reduce the threats by developing a detailed market entry plan addapted to your product and market.

    Pricing Strategy

    The demand for any product not only depends on its price, there are other factors such as target consumer, channel distribution, amongst others that will make the demand more or less affected by changes in the price. Our consultants can help you reduce the uncertainty developing a right pricing strategy.

    SWOT Analysis

    We will develop a SWOT analysis that goes beyond the paper. It will have specific actionable plans for your company.

    Operation / Process Improvement

    We know that variability in daily operations is expensive. That is why our expert operational consultants can help your improve your company processes, find ways to reduce bottlenecks, improve inventory management, delivery logistic, etc.


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    Best Pool of Talent


    Great ROI and no Bureaucracy

    Quality Assurance

    Our consultants are all star performers of multinationals and graduates from the world’s top 30 business schools. In other words, all kinds of business geniuses in one place.

    Our propietary Algorithm allows us to effectively match the projects’ needs with the consultants skills giving you flexibility to bring help in and out, as never seen before.

    bhive is safe and simple. Remove overhead from your bills and pay a fraction of the price of traditional Consulting Firms, bringing people onboard as quick as TODAY!

    We will work with you throughout the selection, onboarding, scope definition and delivery so you get everything you expect (and more!).